Thinking of teaching voice at a music school or becoming a private vocal coach yourself?

Seem lost and confused?

Here are the pros and cons that may help you decide between these two choices.

Time flexibility

Time is of the essence. At a music school, there is a fixed time schedule that you needs to be adhered to.

If something crops up for the student and can’t turn up for class, you definitely have to do a make up lesson based on the schedule that the school has but it isn’t easy to do so!

There is no way to suit everyone’s needs isn’t it?

If you are a private voice coach, you are then able to rearrange schedules at your own time, discussing with the parents or the students the best time schedule for lessons.

You don’t have to follow according to schedules that are set and It is extremely efficient and super flexible!



If you are working in a school, you will definitely not receive the full amount of the school fees given by the students.

Majority of it probably goes to the school. As a private voice coach though, you get to receive the fees only for yourself.

You earn what you teach! No need to split the cost with any other!


Syllabus? No syllabus?

In a school, there’s a fixed set of rules you got to follow, a fixed syllabus you have to use for lessons.

Being a private voice coach however, you adhere to your own personal teaching rules, you fix your own syllabus for the students based on the student’s abilities.

You are also able to utilise any form of educational materials during lesson!

This is of great importance as a teacher!

There is never just one fixed set of learning materials for a student.

Each student is different in their own ways.

Especially when you are teaching voice! Everyone’s voice is different and each person’s body is different too.

You have to change your methods according to different people.


Forming relationships

Being involved with the parents as a private voice coach has lots of advantages.

In a school, it is really hard to constantly update the parents on the child’s progress because sometimes, the child goes to the school without their parents.

Most of the time, you don’t know if the child is facing any difficulty in their own learning when he/she is at home.

When you are a private voice coach, it is usually either at your home or their home.

It is going to be a comfortable home setting for them to have lessons.

This makes the perfect opportunity to keep the parents updated and also keep yourself in the know when it comes to the child’s learning progress.


Your name

Just like there are the good, there’s also the bad. As a private voice coach, it is important to be reminded that your own reputation is at stake.

If you work in a school and something goes wrong, you are after all just an employee working in the school but when you’re on your own and things go wrong, you yourself carry the blame.

Your reputation is important to be uphold and it’s yours to protect!


One of the greatest things any private  tutors would be afraid of is a lack of students.

In music schools, there is a steady amount of students you will have but as a private voice coach, it is your own responsibility to find students so that you have a stable pool of students of your own.

However, it is not hard to get your own pool of students.

Agencies in Singapore will definitely help voice coaches source for students at a good rate!



In a music school, lesson studios are provided and there is nothing much to consider about when it comes to location but as a private voice coach, it is a need to travel to student’s places.

Therefore, definitely, it is important to take student’s locations into consideration, making sure that it isn’t too far for you to travel.

After all, as a private voice coach, you plan your own travel routes!


Being a private voice coach has its pros and cons.

However, there are so many advantages of becoming a private voice coach as well!

Fulfil your dreams in teaching and help students enjoy singing and creating beautiful music with their voices!