Private Singing Lessons has many different perks!


Let me share with you the brilliant aspects of having private singing lessons in Singapore!


Flexibility of time


People often say that there is not enough time to do this, to do that.

Therefore, everyone is looking for lessons that is able to have flexible timing.

When it comes to having private singing lessons, students are able to make appointments with the private singing teachers via messages or calls.

There is no need to write a letter of MC or explain to a music school administrator of having to miss class or to change the timing of lessons.

Flexible timing! What else can you ask for?



If you prefer to learn singing at your home, some teachers are even willing to travel to your place to conduct lessons!

At the comfort of your own home, you will feel more relaxed and happier!

In addition, if you are having lessons at the teacher’s, it is serene and quiet, without other students around to affect your concentration and focus!

Catered to your needs


Private singing lessons ensures that the teacher and student has a friendly bond within each other.

This way, the teacher is able to understand the student’s feelings and needs better.

Everybody learns at their own pace.

Private singing teachers will plan out their lessons according to the pace that the student learns and therefore will make the lesson progress to the student’s speed and become an enjoyable one.

There are a million more benefits to having private singing lessons in Singapore! Come try out singing lessons, doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a young child! Singing is for all!

The Happy Vocalist will help you reach your potential!