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Looking for pop singing lessons and learn how to sing your favourite pop songs?

Let our qualified and experienced singing teachers help you!

When it comes to learning singing, most students started out by humming their favourite tunes or singing along with the music they hear. That’s a good start for most kids lessons. However, if you are keen to learn the proper way to sing, but proceed further to sing your favourite pop songs, that’s possible as well!

Here are few reasons why students prefer to learn pop singing…

  • They are inspired by popular singers who can sing their favourite pop songs
  • Parents see their child struggling to sing properly or hit the notes right , hence, joins pop singing classes to keep the passion alive.
  • They just want to sing their favourite pop songs well!

Whatever the reason to take pop singing lessons, we have singing teachers to help you.

Yes, we know what you mean by singing pop songs like some of the popular singers below…

Ed Sheeran


Why Learn With TheHappyVocalist?

Over at TheHappyVocalist, we help students start their music learning journey with suitable private singing teachers. Here’s why many students prefer taking private singing lessons with us:

Personal Attention

With private one-to-one lessons, the focus is on you, the only student in the class. The teacher can work on your strengths and weaknesses to help you improve your singing. As you’re learning pop songs, you can also specially request the songs you want to learn with the teacher.

Flexible Schedule

With private lessons, you can arrange the lesson schedule with the teacher directly. If you’re preparing for a performance (birthday, wedding proposal, wedding dinner…etc), you can arrange with the teacher for extra lessons if needed.

Experienced Teachers

We worked with singing teachers who know the songs you are singing, and know how to teach them. And don’t think all singing teachers only know classical music. Most teachers love to sing pop songs themselves too!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a beginner. Can I learn pop singing lessons?
Yes. As a start, the teacher will work with you to build the foundation and basics of singing. Once the foundation is ready, the teacher will teach you the pop and leisure songs that you requested.
Is there any age limit to start singing?
Nope, you can learn singing at any age! We have students who started learning at age 17, and even 64 years old!
What are the duration and fees?
Duration: 45 – 60min per lesson.
The fees will be based on the type of lessons, location, and frequency of lessons. Once you send in your request, we will arrange with the teacher and let you know the fees.

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