No matter if you are an adult, an elderly or a child, we all sing!


However, do you know if you are singing correctly? What do I mean by that?

After a karaoke session, do you feel as though your voice is as dry as the desert or you are so hoarse till no   one could actually hear you speak anymore?

That means, you are not using your singing voice properly.

There are some ways to help you sing better.

Feel your body expand


when you sing, take a deep breath in! No, not with your nose, but your mouth, as though someone has surprised you.

But, take in the full amount of air until you feel your stomach expands outwards, your waist expands sideways.

Feel yourself being inflated like a balloon! Now that your body is expanded, you are able to use your body to sing.

Feel you “ballooned” body when you sing. This way you can sing long phrases instead of huffing through sections!

Think forward


Ever heard of a bright sound? Think of looking far ahead into the audience and singing through a centre point at your forehead — we call this the triangular point between your eyes to your forehead.

Aim your voice there. Imagination can be an extremely powerful and important thing to have! With this, your voice will not sink and you will not go flat and trust me, you will also feel more energetic!

Space in mouth


Create space in your mouth as though you have fishballs in your mouth.

Having a tiny opening at your mouth area is not going to help you articulate your words or help you hit the notes right.

Having space in your mouth allows more freedom and flexibity!


ONE MORE VERY IMPORTANT THING! Try not to scream, use your diaphragm to sing by placing a fist in front of your tummy and sing against your fist.

when your fist pushes in, your tummy pushes out. try it!

If you need someone reliable to check and correct your singing techniques to sing better, take a singing lesson with us, at The Happy Vocalist!